Why Storytelling?
The Mind is wired to learn best through storytelling. The Heart causes us to care about the message. Engage both and you change your world. VISUAL EYES captures the proven power of storytelling to inspire hearts and minds wherever they may be: across the enterprise, in the marketplace, on the road, at home or in the theatre of operations.

The power of the story on the human mind is harnessed so your message can enlighten, educate and influence in the most effective and elegant way possible.

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The System
Intelligent Narrative & Design
+ Emotional Impact
= Emotive Storytelling
We use the latest research and methods in cognitive science, visual perception, instructional design, cinematic technique, knowledge management and interactive design. Then we use all these tools to tell a story that makes an audience cry, or makes them laugh, or tugs at their heart... or punches them in the gut! When content engages emotions, it does more than "stick." It drives action and response.

VISUAL EYES developed Emotive Storytelling for essential business and learning applications. Strategic Storytelling is the optimal way to transfer knowledge. How that happens is amazing brain science combined with insight, experience, method and technology. The result accelerates comprehension, enhances understanding and inspires action.
Integrated Storytelling
  • Cinematic Technique – to make your story personal, engaging, emotional and memorable.
  • Interactive Design – so the experience is personal and participatory.
Learning Science
  • Perception and Cognitive Science – so it is optimal for the mind and the senses to make it consumable, effective, and easily retained.
  • Instructional Design – so it is logical, multi-layered, self-paced, and intuitive to navigate.
Emotional Impact
  • Go For The Heart – People remember stories that engage both their brains and their hearts.
  • Go For The Gut – Audiences react - and follow through - when a story grabs them and doesn't let them go.
Tap into Brain Science
The mind is an incredible non-linear processor that is beautifully designed to tune into information in particular forms and patterns - especially stories. We tap the power of the mind to do what it does best. Learn.

Emotive Storytelling creates content and orchestrates it to enable the mind to rapidly absorb, gist and retain the big picture as well as the detail. This also empowers the learner to choose their path which makes it even more personal. Emotive Storytelling combines the elements of integrated storytelling, learning science and emotional impact to deliver compelling stories online and to mobile devices. This unique fusion stimulates interest, accelerates understanding of both content and context, and drives a message deeper and faster than traditional learning and marketing approaches.
Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Emotive Storytelling weaves context, details, characters and events into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. When it comes to your story, that means people 'get it' faster, they retain it longer, they control the experience, they can interact with others, and they have an enjoyable time along the way.

Because Conventional Isn’t Cutting It
This innovative approach and technology significantly increases understanding and learning performance in critical areas where traditional applications are not keeping up, and where classic web and computer-based methods are not proving adequate. Emotive Storytelling earns and sustains the attention of today’s media-driven audience.

Learn At The Speed Of Life

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The Platform For Knowledge and Storytelling

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Your history and lessons learned are assets. Don't let them perish or depreciate.
Preserve your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and culture for better productivity and continuity. iSTORY powers your own history channel.
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The best way to accelerate knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring learning environment for all types of education and training on the web and iPad. With iSTORY, mobile learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere.
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Differentiate or die! Today's demand for relevance requires you tell a laser sharp story.
Target your story with precision- guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. iSTORY surgically delivers the right message to the right audience, in the right way.
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You've got one shot. Nail it!
Your story better rock or your audience will roll on without you.
When a customer feels your story, they engage, and doors open. iSTORY powerfully conveys understanding and context, while uniquely reinforcing your brand's point of difference.
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