Enterprise Enlightenment
The Emotive Storytelling System is ideal for marketing, education and training applications, whether it is directed to customers, employees or the world. ESM is optimized for the web and mobile web including the iPad, iPhone, and emerging mobile devices. It can also be delivered and managed on intranets, extranets or standalone systems.
From Nothing to Something Special
The Emotive Storytelling System offers a "concept-to-delivery" storytelling approach that designs and produces quality content for users, creates an enjoyable and engaging experience, and delivers it at a reasonable cost and great value. ESM offers powerful enterprise solution for performance driven organizations that are in tune with today's mobile, media-centered audiences.

iSTORY™ - Knowledge Platform
  • Versatile multi-platform environment
  • Learning Management System compliant
  • SCORM compliant for e-learning
  • Meets common government standards for network compliance
  • Meets industry security standards for data collection and encryption
iPLAN™ - Strategy and Planning
  • Project Planning & Design
  • Workflow Process Schedule
  • Program Management
  • Architecture Development
iCONTENT™ - Integrated Media Strategy
  • Integrated Media Development
  • Re-Use of Digital Assets
  • SCORM Compliance
iMENTOR™ - Embedded Expertise
  • Integrated Subject Matter Experts
  • Voice of Experience
  • Lessons Learned
  • Clinical Pearls & Case Studies
iTRAC™ - User Tracking and Metrics
  • Monitors attention, navigation patterns, and interaction
  • Visual dashboards
  • LMS delivery
iTEST™ - Integrated Testing Capability
  • User Testing
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Auto-Scoring & Reporting
iSURVEY™ - Integrated Survey
  • Integrated Survey
  • Voice of the Customer
iREPORT™ - Administrative Dashboards
  • Administrator control of data analytics
  • Visual dashboards
iCONNECT™ - Social Media Tools
  • Users interact and build a community while building your brand
  • Plug-in allows users to chat, text, use live instant messaging
  • Peer-to-peer, instructor/student interaction creates community and strengthens your story
iTRANSLATE™ - Multi-Language Capability
  • Translation editing platform for multi-language versions: French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.
  • Allows global customization of your story