Speed knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring environment for all types of education and training in the classroom, on the web, iPhone and iPad. With iSTORY, learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere. iSTORY offers a streamlined yet powerful intuitive experience that is tune with today's mobile, attention-challenged, super-connected learner. This audience gets their knowledge served up just the way they need it - "just in time, just enough, just right™". Nothing matches the educational power, learning efficiency and ease of use of iSTORY.

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Left brain, meet right brain.
iSTORY integrates the best of both worlds. iSTORY is powered by the Strategic Storytelling method that combines integrated storytelling, cognitive science, and digital media to drive your educational and training objectives. This unique fusion and knowledge delivery platform stimulates interest, accelerates understanding of both content and context, and drives home strategic purpose significantly deeper and faster than traditional approaches.

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Curiosity may kill the cat, but humans thrive on it.
The human brain doesn't pay attention to boring things. Learning requires focused attention, and iSTORY is designed to deliver knowledge in ways that captivate, stimulate, and motivate. Strategic Storytelling methods pique learners' curiosity, allow them to explore about what's next, and get excited about what they're learning. The doorway to understanding is attention. Get it, keep it and feed it with iSTORY.


Goodbye, old school.
Transcend traditional methods, energize the mind and stir the soul with iSTORY. No more classroom, PowerPoint or online courses filled with beige, boring, and benign information. iSTORY delivers dynamic content to enable learners to rapidly absorb, gist and retain the big picture as well as the detail. And easy navigation empowers users to choose their path, at their own pace, in their own space, which makes it even more personal. Welcome to new school.
Non-linear rules!
The brain is a non-linear processor. Learning is enhanced when information can be accessed this way. Also, the format of instructional materials has a direct effect on learning performance. But traditional instruction hasn't considered either enough - and that isn't cutting it anymore. We are changing the conventional rules of learning and instructional design to better respond to how the mind works. Our iCONTENT process combines a non-linear approach, contextual navigation, interactivity and rich multimedia into the STORY instructional design and content development. The end result is smarter process and more importantly, a smarter mind.
Expert insight and foresight.
iMENTOR methodology weaves embedded experts into the iSTORY content stream. The rich infusion of experience, insight and expertise is riveting because it is authenticity that can be seen, felt and heard. This component affirms credibility and significantly drives learning attention, encourages interaction and delivers lasting impact.


End the guess. Model success.
Scenario-based approaches are a powerful way to inspire people to model success or learn from valuable past lessons. iSTORY brings value as an ongoing and growing part of the organization's knowledge base in support of sales force training and leadership development. The end result is an understanding that drives positive action and productive behaviors in the field that grow customer relationships. iSTORY capability culminates in a shared, one-stop resource for global enterprise training, education or marketing, available to those that need it 24/7/365.


Made to order.
The iSTORY Knowledge Platform is versatile and adaptable. It is designed to meet individual or enterprise needs anytime, anywhere on the web, on the go or in a group setting. It plays well in any venue - corporate sales and marketing, professional continuing education, and government/military training applications.


Aha! moments
Integrated testing capability enables knowledge checks and lesson testing for assessing comprehension and retention. This is useful for continuing education, certification and verification training. Results can be auto-scored, reported and administered for a variety of e-learning applications. iSTORY can run on S3 learning management system (LMS) applications for administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of training programs and learning content.


Learning is about empowering the individual. Enlightening them with compelling knowledge that is meaningful and relevant, that causes them to own what they know and inspires them to act.
~Dr. Gerard Gibbons, CEO – VISUAL EYES Inc.


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Your history and lessons learned are assets. Don't let them perish or depreciate.
Preserve your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and culture for better productivity and continuity. iSTORY powers your own history channel.
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The best way to accelerate knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring learning environment for all types of education and training on the web and iPad. With iSTORY, mobile learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere.
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Differentiate or die! Today's demand for relevance requires you tell a laser sharp story.
Target your story with precision- guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. iSTORY surgically delivers the right message to the right audience, in the right way.
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You've got one shot. Nail it!
Your story better rock or your audience will roll on without you.
When a customer feels your story, they engage, and doors open. iSTORY powerfully conveys understanding and context, while uniquely reinforcing your brand's point of difference.
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