"You captured our essence beautifully. "Vision to Succeed" demonstrates the joy one can receive from volunteering and working with our athletes. I can't imagine a better message. On behalf of myself and the directors of Special Olympics, and athletes with mental retardation around the world, a heartfelt thanks."
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Special Olympics
"DARPA's vision for the "Modern Medical Battlefield" would not have been communicated nearly as effectively to congress, the military and the medical profession without your effort. Your message has impacted audiences worldwide."
Richard Satava, MD
Program Manager, Advanced Biomedical Technology
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
"Visual Eyes has contributed in making "The Retinomax" a tremendously successful product worldwide. You told our story of portability and versatility in an engaging manner. Our fourteen year association is a testament to your ability to continuously deliver quality."
David Henderson
Senior Product Manager, Instrument Division
Nikon Inc.
"Cataracts: Vision and Aging"
Medical Care International, Dallas, TX
"I'm impressed by your creativity and productivity given the incredible time constraints you were under. With "Life Connections", you delivered a powerful and coherent story. Visual Eyes, you are an amazing team!"
Brad Cushing MD
Director, Trauma and EMS
Shock Trauma Center
"In my business, performing under pressure is the measure of a surgeon, commander and Forward Surgical Team. You more than measured up and have certainly earned my respect. You demonstrated even refrain, flexibility, clear decision making under the gun…all the while being professional. Well done."
Lt. Colonel Cass Conaway, MD, MC
USA, Commander, 274th Forward Surgical Team
US Army Medical Department, Ft. Bragg
"You squarely hit the target in demonstrating the value of our Memory Lens to our surgeon customers. A creative spark, dynamic approach and quality output keeps Visual Eyes at the top of our vendor list. Kudos!"
Michael Crocetta
Marketing Manager, Ophthalmics
Mentor Medical Inc.
"Lasers in Ophthalmology"
Medical Care International, Dallas, TX
"Vision is our most important sense. Your team certainly knows how to maximize it to communicate! "A Journey Through Your Eyes" has been well received by consumers, patients, students and doctors. Spectacular job, Visual Eyes!"
Don Jarnagin, OD
Past President
American Optometric Association
"A professional practice and residency program is simply not complete without your training programs. Congratulations Visual Eyes! You've set a new standard."
Carl Moore
Past President
Contact Lens Manufacturers Association
"You impressively captured the largest medical exercise conducted by the US Navy in twenty five years. I salute your efforts to tell our story in the air, on land and at sea. Bravo Zulu to all at Visual Eyes!"
Captain Jack Taylor, MD, USN
Medical Corps Readiness
U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
"Top Gun: Electronic Digital Transit"
Nikon Survey Instruments, Melville, NY
"Your expertise and experience was an obvious asset from project start-to-finish. Visual Eyes delivered the highest quality while saving us time and money. "The Art of Communicating" is superb!"
Sally Dillehay, OD
Professional Services
Ciba Vision, A Novartis Company
"You created just what we needed. Your understanding, responsiveness and flexibility was invaluable. We are proud to offer "The Precious Gift Series" that Visual Eyes produced to our network of doctors and their patients."
Cay Carner
Director of Marketing
Medical Care International
"Retinal Imaging: Advanced Cameras for Ophthalmology"
Nikon Inc., Los Angeles, CA
"ACEP TradeShow Feature Presention: "ER Doctor of the Future"
American College of Emergency Physicians
"Fantastic job Visual Eyes! You played a significant role in helping us reach our objective. The amazing efforts of your team made the difference. I speak for all of us here in saying thank you!"
Ken Combs
Program Manager, Information Systems
Rockwell International
"You exceeded our expectations…and believe me, that's not easy to do!"
John Neeld, MD
Chairman, Anesthesiology
Northside Hospital
"A Special Birth Experience"
Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA
"Your significant effort to communicate our capabilities made an impact at the Worldwide Anti-Terrorism Conference. After being the national focus of numerous television specials and other media, no one grasped the operational flow of our unit more quickly than Visual Eyes. You got it right the first time!"
Major Michael Malone
Operations Officer
U S Marine Corps
Chemical Biological Incident Response Force
"Top Gun: Electronic Digital Transit"
Nikon Survey Instruments, Melville, NY
"Why did we choose Visual Eyes? It was your quality of your work, your extensive knowledge of medical technology and your strength in being able to engage a viewer. In my opinion, that is the consumate combination."
Steve Charles, MD
Chief Executive Officer
MicroDexterity Systems
"Your feature presentation of "Emergency Department of the Future" at ACEP New Orleans was a showstopper. You captured the exquisite vision and benefit of automation technologies posed to change the face of Emergency Medicine. Hat's off to you Visual Eyes!"
Chris Felton, MD
Medical Informatics Section
American College of Emergency Physicians
"Visual Eyes, your contributions to the eyecare profession cannot be overstated. You have upgraded the knowledge and skills of those fortunate to view your work. I commend you."
Frederick Edmunds, OD, FAAO
Professional Services
Bausch & Lomb International
"Glaucoma, Sneak Thief of Sight"
Medical Care International, Dallas, TX
"A smashing success! Visual Eyes did an outstanding job conceptualizing and ultimately "visualizing" the capabilities of a complex information system. Your reputation for creativity and hard work is well known throughout the agency. Well deserved Visual Eyes!"
Colonel John Silva, MD, USAF
Program Manager, Consequence Management
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
"Full Spectrum Architecture for IC Testing"
Teradyne Inc., Boston, MA
"You powerfully told the story of our revolutionary medical robotics technology. Your impactful message significantly contributed to the success of the initial public offering. Visual Eyes is truly a diamond in the rough of video and multimedia companies!"
Michael Chan
Director of Marketing, Medical Robotics
Computer Motion