Your history and lessons learned are assets.
Don't let them perish or depreciate. Capture and retain your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and organizational culture for productivity, continuity and perpetuity. Let iSTORY Enterprise Knowledge power your own history channel.


iSTORY Enterprise Knowledge Services
  • Lessons Learned
  • Best Practices
  • Leadership Insight
  • Leadership Interviews
  • Legacy Stories
  • Customer Stories
  • Technical Stories
  • Team Stories
  • Shared Experiences
  • Personal Testimonies
  • Traditions & Rituals
  • Special Tributes


A lesson saved is a lesson learned
In every endeavor, we succeed or fail. Lessons happen. Life is full of them. They abound in organizations. The question is, do we learn from the experience? iSTORY creates a compelling opportunity for leaders, employees and teams, to share and mentor their most important lessons - what went right and what didn't. The wrong way is often the right way to get someone's attention. We bring your organization's lessons and stories to life, easily accessed and shared across your global enterprise.

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Knowledge is perishable. Store in a cool place.
Organizations are people - people with intellectual assets, insight and ground-truth experiences critical to a company's strategic position. They make discoveries, learn lessons, model leadership skills, forge traditions, and establish corporate culture. This precious human capital is essential to enterprise performance and the bottom line. You can't afford to lose your organization's hard-earned knowledge - especially important in a challenging economy. Share the lessons that provide the perspective and wisdom of business situations and context. The investment value is like compound interest. It returns on-going dividends to the organization.


Your own history channel: Legacy and tradition
Legacy and tradition fires the core of your organization's genesis, evolution and history. Our traditions, rituals and history give context and meaning. Individual performance is heavily influenced by the confidence, trust and loyalty that person has in their organization. These are shaped by belief systems that are nurtured by an appreciation of legacy, inspired stories, role models and relevant history. Every organization needs to share and promote its legacy. Organizations must go beyond traditional communication tools and promote awareness, interaction, and engagement.


Power of the Story
VISUAL EYES captures the proven power of storytelling to inspire hearts and minds wherever they may be: across the enterprise, in the marketplace or on-the-go. The power of the story on the human mind is harnessed so your message can enlighten, educate and influence in the most effective and elegant way possible. Inspire engagement, energize commitment and increase productivity across your enterprise.

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The Platform For Knowledge and Storytelling

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Your history and lessons learned are assets. Don't let them perish or depreciate.
Preserve your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and culture for better productivity and continuity. iSTORY powers your own history channel.
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The best way to accelerate knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring learning environment for all types of education and training on the web and iPad. With iSTORY, mobile learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere.
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Differentiate or die! Today's demand for relevance requires you tell a laser sharp story.
Target your story with precision- guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. iSTORY surgically delivers the right message to the right audience, in the right way.
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You've got one shot. Nail it!
Your story better rock or your audience will roll on without you.
When a customer feels your story, they engage, and doors open. iSTORY powerfully conveys understanding and context, while uniquely reinforcing your brand's point of difference.
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