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One Platform, Many Venues.
iSTORY is the flagship of the Emotive Storytelling System. Designed to deliver knowledge to meet today’s new expectations for dynamic content, iSTORY is an exciting, interactive environment for marketing, learning, and communication on the web, PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms. The platform is both versatile and customizable. Multiple forms of media (video, audio, web-links, images, animation, PowerPoint, PDFs and documents) can be integrated to help you market, train or educate. Audiences engage in a rich media-based experience they way they want it, when they want it, no matter where they are.




Intuitive, Engaging and Interactive.
With iSTORY, the user easily navigates menu choices to access content “just in time, just enough, just right™”. Playing a selection launches a story sequence that contains video, audio, animation, graphics, music, and more. The sequence can feature experts sharing lessons learned, customer testimonials, and scenario-based training, in addition to core educational content presented in narrative and/or text. The user clicks, interacts and learns at their own pace. They can repeat and review as often as desired.



Versatile and Adaptable.
iSTORY™ delivers your unique story to audiences on the large screen, or to individuals on-the-go or in their own environment.
For group training or events, live instructors can guide the audience through the interactive content and add to the experience.




Analytics Galore.
iSTORY can integrate user tracking, testing, surveys, testing and social media tools. It’s the best way to experience and measure learning on the web, on a mobile device or in a group setting.



Learn At The Speed Of Life

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The Platform For Knowledge and Storytelling

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Your history and lessons learned are assets. Don't let them perish or depreciate.
Preserve your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and culture for better productivity and continuity. iSTORY powers your own history channel.
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The best way to accelerate knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring learning environment for all types of education and training on the web and iPad. With iSTORY, mobile learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere.
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Differentiate or die! Today's demand for relevance requires you tell a laser sharp story.
Target your story with precision- guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. iSTORY surgically delivers the right message to the right audience, in the right way.
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You've got one shot. Nail it!
Your story better rock or your audience will roll on without you.
When a customer feels your story, they engage, and doors open. iSTORY powerfully conveys understanding and context, while uniquely reinforcing your brand's point of difference.
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