Differentiate or die!
Today’s crucial demand for relevance requires that you tell a laser sharp story of value. Target your story with precision - guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. The right message moves people to action.
Precision-Guided Storytelling
Strategic Communications also known as “STRATCOM” provides a directional framework, mechanism and method for effectively communicating targeted messages and stories to key internal and external audiences, customers and stakeholders.

The intention is to improve awareness and understanding, relationship health and increase overall advocacy. Providing a STRATCOM framework and process to accurately design, produce and disseminate information ensures that your organization is communicating effectively. Your audience gets their knowledge and stories served up just the way they need it – “just in time, just enough, just right”.
iSTORY Strategic Communication Services
  • Situation Analysis
  • Gaps & Challenges
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Stakeholder Segmentation
  • STRATCOM Strategy & Plan
  • Communication Vehicles
  • Strategic Branding
  • Brand Positioning
  • Balanced Scorecard / Strategy Map Education, Navigation and Stories
  • Strategic Themes & Messaging
  • Strategic Briefings & Stories
  • Communication Triggers
  • Value Stories
  • Partnership Stories
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Initiative Support
  • Implementation
  • Performance Measures
  • Integrated Feedback
  • Events & Road Shows
  • Social Media
Strategic Benefits
Nothing matches the enlightenment power and communication efficiency of iSTORY for Strategic Communications. Connect with us to better target prospects, strengthen partnerships, increase customer loyalty, energize employees, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration.
Learning is about empowering the individual. Enlightening them with compelling knowledge that is meaningful and relevant, that causes them to own what they know and inspires them to act.
~ Dr. Gerard Gibbons, CEO – VISUAL EYES Inc.
Storytelling moves people and transforms organizations.
Strategic communications is serious business. Each message must resonate and reflect an accurate, consistent view of your organization and your brands. It must dovetail smoothly with the overall character and personality of your culture, history, vision and mission. iSTORY does that for you. Your organization’s strategic messages are easily shared and accessible – making all stakeholders more engaged and empowered.
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The Platform For Knowledge and Storytelling

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Your history and lessons learned are assets. Don't let them perish or depreciate.
Preserve your knowledge treasures, stories, best practices, leadership insight, and culture for better productivity and continuity. iSTORY powers your own history channel.
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The best way to accelerate knowledge transfer for today's mobile generation.
Imagine an inspiring learning environment for all types of education and training on the web and iPad. With iSTORY, mobile learners interact with a rich media experience in the form they want - anytime, anywhere.
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Differentiate or die! Today's demand for relevance requires you tell a laser sharp story.
Target your story with precision- guided impact to customers, stakeholders, and employees. iSTORY surgically delivers the right message to the right audience, in the right way.
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You've got one shot. Nail it!
Your story better rock or your audience will roll on without you.
When a customer feels your story, they engage, and doors open. iSTORY powerfully conveys understanding and context, while uniquely reinforcing your brand's point of difference.
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